A Company Check-up is a general check that can serve two purposes

  • to determine the "state of health" of the company
  • to prepare the ground for the introduction of an adequate Management Control System.

A Company Check is made of six separate steps:

  • categorisation of the company according to its size, its business, its production cycle and its structure, taking into consideration every aspect of the company to the best tuning of our tools;
  • subdivision of the company in subareas subject to separate analysis;
  • identification of critical areas that needs further analysis;
  • outlining of a plan for improving critical areas, with due specification of timing and resource requirements;
  • recapping of all the partial results stemming from the different analyses in order to provide a synthetic overall evaluation.

An effective check-up, therefore, through the analysis of the accounting and organizational structure, leads to the pinpointing of strengths and weaknesses. It also allows to single out the centers of responsibility and to achieve an overall improvement in the efficiency of the organization.

The findings of this analysis will be reported to the owner and/or the management starting a shared effort to harmonize our advice with the strategic objectives of the Company, with particular emphasis on the "how-to" of the same objectives.

In order to reduce the overall operational complexity, objectives must be clearly and precisely defined. Verbal sessions will be crucial to succesfully address topics that are too often given for granted but, if not adequately dealt with, may cause waste in the company's resources.

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