Companies normally need to increase the competencies of their workforce. Companies are conscious that learning new skills that boost workers' confidence and improve their own competitiveness and dynamism must be a never ending process.

Due to their own awareness and to specific inputs from their clients, Stairs Consulting recognised the value of delivering the planning of fully functional and ready-to-use educational and training programmes.

In order to put this goal into practice, our Company has created strict relations with Accredited Bodies, granting access to Regional, European and Inter-Business Funds, whose personnel is available, at no cost, to help companies identify their training needs and find the better opportunities.

In case the training needs go beyond the competences of the professionals running the core business of Stairs Consulting, we are prepared to select expert teachers and trainers to fulfill any need.

This gives our clients the opportunity to concentrate on planning how many working hours to dedicate to training, as well as saving a considerable amount of time and effort needed were they to deliver training on their own.

To date, we provided support for our clients in the following areas of expertise:

  • 1. Management Control
  • 2. Accounting
  • 3. Organization
  • 4. English
  • 5. Workgroup Management and Leadership
  • 6. Excel for Advanced Users
  • 7. Qlik View-based Analysis
  • 8. Business Oriented Social Networking

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