La direzione aziendale  Management
la direzione aziendale

The essence of management is not into being in command, but into providing outlining directions. This means setting guidelines to use productive inputs consistently with the goals that have been set. At the same time it means ensuring that the relevant persons implement and put in practice the same guidelines.

In this view, the hierarchical pyramid structure, typical of the traditional organisation of a company, must be overturned, in favour of the . Nella piramide tradizionale l’ordine impartito al sottoposto scende velocemente verso la base e la responsabilità sale affievolendosi sempre più avvicinandosi al vertice; viceversa nella piramide rovesciata.

L’organizzazione aziendale  The organization

Any system of detection, control and analysis implies a mental order, work and chronological cointeressa all the people who interact within the company. For this a good corporate management can not be separated from company.

E 'therefore necessary to prepare, according to the specific characteristics of each company, an organization equipped with personnel records that identify the characteristics of each person to a better assessment of the resource-management person.

The criterion of the card is combined with the asset valuation of the employee, which produces a cost yes, but also a capital that must be managed with the same standard of estate assets. For example, the loss for a dismissal.

The criteria used for the identification of internal staff also apply to all persons, agencies or outside institutions that have dealings with the company.

Il lavoro di gruppo  The work group
lavoro di gruppo

It 'a management tool aimed at informing and involvement of all employees. Provides for the appointment - appointment of a moderator "super partes" with the task of managing a discretionary activity in order to make it effective and productive for the entire company. The different perspective on how each addresses the issues, rounds out the group in the first place and consequently the company.

The working groups are convened periodically or extemporaneously in times of need quotas according to the needs of various levels. For example, for the formation of the budget, to set the layout for the installation of a new machine for the preparation and verification of balanced scorecards.

Il lavoro di gruppo  Behavioral approach rather than design

For us it is more important to encourage a process of continuous learning of employees, leaning towards the understanding of the structure of the dynamics of sisitemi in which the company operates, rather than rigidly define the characteristics of the control system by thus linking creativity and flexibility.

It 'important that, in the event that you need to adopt solutions that involve changes and innovations, these are introduced gradually giving way to the entire organization to accept and above all share in SCOI that management has set.

L’organizzazione dell’azienda deve diventare indipendente da controlli esterni, l’obiettivo è di costruire un sistema che si “auto-controlla”.

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